Hard drive and soft drive why useful in protection for system

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Hard drive and soft drive why useful in protection for system

The term backup is meant to describe the process of coming up with a duplicate or a copy of your user data and information (Audio files, videos, documents as well as photos).For good benefit of accessing your original data when you are not with your computer because the duplicates are stored elsewhere. There are several places you can store a copy of your data, this is external hard drives, Memory sticks, floppy discs, compact discs as well as the most current the cloud in other terms soft drive.

Importance of backing up your data?
It’s always good counsel to take preventive measure rather than looking for a cure. When it comes to any system backing up is that preventive measure you take against any form of data loss. This is why you should backup your data:

  • There is a growing rate at which computer system is being infected by malware as well as viruses with a copy of your important data elsewhere you really don’t have to worry in case of such an attack.
  • A backup will make your life smooth when your computer experiences a hardware malfunction such as an internal hard drive breakdown
  • If you delete a file wrongly or by mistake you need not worry because technically you haven’t deleted it in your backup storage.
  • Have you ever experienced a problem with a certain software in your computer that you find it close to impossible to access a file that you urgently need? A backup will save you such stresses from happening ever again.
  • Some systems seem to have very limited space yet you have tons of important information it’s advisable to back up most of this and enable your system to work efficiently.


The type of data you should backup?
Even backup drives have a limited amount of space. This why you should classify and select the most important information and data to back up. Ask yourself what information if lost will cause you a lot of misery, that’s why you should backup.
Some information might not seem to hold any level of importance such as personal files, your photographs, etc. It’s good to back up such files.

When to back up your data?
Backing up of data highly depends on the level of movement of information in our system. It’s highly recommended to backup any file immediately it’s modified as well as when it’s created.
Disadvantages of using a memory stick as a form of backup?
Memory sticks are highly confused to be data storage gadget yet they are just meant to transfer data. Here are the cons for backing your important data in this gadgets:
The risk of being infected by malware and viruses are high.
They are easily lost.
Technology used in developing them is not as reliable as that of hard and soft drives
They have format complications which can prevent them from being read.
Prevention is better than cure!

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