Illegal use of computer system is found using computer forensics

Computer Forensic
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When it comes to data processing the companies and businesses are still finding it difficult to store the processed data. Since the company has lot of data and information they need high form of storage. The data storage capacity of the company is very important because the data stored in the storage are most important and losing the data will incur huge loss in terms of money. The processed data stored in the storage is the result of a lot of man power and their sincere efforts. Therefore loss of data is really a huge loss in various aspects like money, efforts taken and the time spent to process it.

Computer Forensic

Important data and information

The important data and information for the projects, the contracts and also other crucial information of the company are sold by the cheating employees. Such employees leak the crucial information and cause loss to the business. In such cases the case is filed for probing the issues to find the black sheep. When there are severe issues in this case, the forensic specialist will be searching the computer to find the illegal use of it to find the evidence and to provide the report to the appropriate authorities. The crucial information such as customer data, company plans and other details may be leaked by the cheating employees.

Computer forensic

The computer forensics is the process of searching and collecting the information from the computer system to find the evidence and report to the concerned authorities. The illegal use of computer system for crimes and frauds will be found by computer forensic specialist and also the information stored about the crimes and illegal activities in the computer will be also retrieved for investigation.

Following are the crimes for which the computer system is used as evidence as a lot of evidences will be stored in it. Just by searching and tracking the computer system, the evidences can he retrieved.

  • Denial of service attacks
  • Evidences stored in the form of internet browsing history
  • Documents or files related to crimes such as murders, stealing, human trafficking, drug trafficking.

Computer forensic exam

Using the computer forensic exam, the document creation, editing, storing, and sending details will be retrieved. The date of creation, editing and using the file or sending it will be retrieved and analyzed to send report. IPR theft, bankruptcy, fraud investigations, employment disputes, forgeries and regulatory compliances are some of the crimes for which computer forensic is used.

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